About RestaurantThing.com

About RestaurantThing.com

RestaurantThing.com is Canada's premiere source for restaurant listings and reviews. We arecommitted to providing the best restaurant reviews to those that are looking for an unbiased opinion on the eateries in their neighborhood or city.

We called the site RestaurantThing as the site refers to a lot of 'Things' about restaurants such as their contact information, comments about them, information about their type of food, what the pricing is like, their atmosphere, service, etc.

RestaurantThing.com started out as a hobby site in Ottawa Ontario, and now under newmanagement has grown to become a Canadian National site with lots of new content, features and services in the works. We are still committed to bringing you the best quality unbiased reviews by the real patrons of restaurants.

What is this site?

This site is a user driven listing of Canadian restaurants and their reviews in many Canadian cities. Most of the restaurants which have been reviewed by at least one person and many have multiple reviews. We only rate restaurants that have had at least 3 reviews.

Each restaurant has a unique listing that provides you with the contact information for the restaurant:

Contact Information

Name, address, phone number.
Location on a map
Their website

as well as some general information about the restaurant:

General Information

The area of the region or city where the restaurant is located.
The type of food as chosen from about 37 different categories.
Price Range
An indication of the range or average price of the meals.
Their overall rating based on an average of the individual user ratings

Why do I have to log in?

Some things require you to log in; especially adding restaurants and posting comments and ratings. This is to allow us to protect and control the content on the site to a limited degree. We need to be able to see who is commenting and also to be able to communicate with them if there is an issue. We respect everyone's privacy and promise never to sell or provide your email address to a 3rd party unless you have already agreed. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

So go ahead and create an account if you haven't already. It is free only takes a few seconds and it will let you post your reviews to this site.

How does the rating system work?

We provide a restaurant with an overall rating shown in aribbon at the top of the reviews.

This based on a weighted average of the individual reviews of the restaurant.There has to be at least 3 reviews before we provide a rating.The individual restaurant ratings are show beside each review.These are based on 5 categories (FASPO) rated from 1 to 9.

FASPO Ratings

Ratings Explanation
F = Food
A= Atmosphere
S = Service
P = Price
O = Overall Assessment

These are the categories the reviewers can chose from to rate the restaurant when they post a review. The rating is voluntary so not all reviewers may comment on all areas so those not given a rating do not show up beside the review.

In addition to this the individual reviewer ratings (eg. food, atmosphere, etc.) are broken down into colors:FFFFFFFFFF.The greener the color the higher the rating, the redder thecolor the lower the rating.

Do restaurants pay to be listed here?

No one has to pay to use the site to browse the reviews, create a basic listing or add a review. Anyone can create a basic listing for a Restaurant as the listing is required to post a review. However once it is created, for now, only RestaurantThing administrators can change it. That is to make sure we do not have duplicates, erroneous listings, or inappropriate listings.

As we evolve the site we will be adding paid listings for Restaurants. These will provide the guest with a lot of more valuable information about the Restaurant, such as their menus, pictures, coupons, specials, etc. We call these "mini-sites" as they will provide all the basic information in a consistent format that you would find on a web site. Stay tuned for more developments on this!

What if I created a Restaurant Listing and want to Change it?

Right now you cannot change the listing or add a picture or change the content in the listing. We control that for now. If you have made a mistake then email us at info@restaurantthing.comwith the city, restaurant name and the correction and we will update the listing.

In the future we would like the Restaurant owners to take ownership for the listing about their restaurant and to enhance it to provide the viewer with even more useful information. That is why we will be providing a self service paid "mini-site" listing service for the restaurant owners/managers. If you are a restaurant owner/manager and are interested please email us at info@restaurantthing.com and we will send you the information.

Errors or Problems

Please see our terms of use to understand what is acceptablefor content on the site and how to contact us if you see a problem.


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