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An old favourite has truly declined
I wrote in my previous post about what Cora's used to be like, back in the 1990's, in Montreal. With hopes of old memories, took hubby there for Sunday brunch. Total disappointment. Our waitress tried hard, but she was surrounded by incompetents -- kids who slouched around, half-heartedly cleaning tables, then gossiping. The kitchen was painfully slow. We thought the man & his son sitting next to us were finished when we arrived -- but they hadn't even gotten their food yet. Waited forever, then when the food arrived...disappointment. The spinach & cheese crepe had bits of spinach-like-flakes cooked into the batter (WHAT?!) and no spinach inside the actual crepe. The cheddar cheese consisted of a too-small glob plopped on the outside, which I then had to try to spread around to try to get some taste. It was awful. I had been to the Cora's in Dorion, Quebec, last year, and it was still good. So, bottom line, I'm done with Cora's in Ottawa, which is a shame.
-- Redd
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Was this chain ever good? I've been twice in the past and was appaled at the food, the length of time it took to get the food served, and then being told to get in line to pay.
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To answer Davis...
The originals in Montreal used to be good. Lots of fresh fruit, fresh veggies, fantastic. Don't know if they over-expanded, or if it's a quality control issue here in Ottawa -- but I agree with you -- the ones in Ottawa are horrific.
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