Buffet Square
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Buffet Square

Neighborhood: North WestPrice Range: Average

8-2188 McPhillips Street

Tel: (204) 632-7333


With approximately 110 items on buffet and seating for 375 people, this is one of the biggest Chinese buffets in the city. Authentic Cantonese-style food.



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Good (86.30)

Quantity over quality in this case, but still alright
This happens to be the biggest Chinese buffet I've been to in Winnipeg, and I've been to quite a few of them around here. They had 5 big steam tables for the food (if you include the salad and dessert), so the variety of items was plentiful.

The place was packed and I had to wait quite a while to get a table despite the place being able to house around 400 people with 3 huge sections of tables. I was lucky enough to eventually get a very nice booth near the buffet which offered some sound barrier from the people around me. If I hadn't luckily scored the booth, the noise might have been a turnoff.

The buffet had a lot of popular North American Chinese restaurant favorites such as chicken balls and spring rolls, but also had some more interesting ones like buffalo wings that tasted like red curry.

They were clearly trying to cater to everyone's tastes having items like perogies, pizza, fried chicken and sushi... which I would not expect at your average Chinese buffet.

The food was ok though, and I would definitely go back for the chow mein, the mixed beef, the sweet and sour pork. There wasn't anything I really didn't care for there except that the sushi was a bit chewy as though it had been sitting a while, and yet the person making it is right there in front of you when you go to get some. Why I decided to have sushi at a Chinese restaurant in the first place is also questionable. The food could have been better and the quality wasn't the highest I've seen, but it's on average if you look at Chinese buffets which are usually lower quality than ordering à la carte on a menu.

Whether you're in the mood for Chinese food or in the mood for a buffet, don't settle for the smaller Chinese buffets you get at lunch time in most Chinese restaurants. Go for the big one and try this place out at least once.

My only complaint is that it's too Westernized (pizza, fried chicken, etc), and that you do have to search through the food to find those selections that are truly good. I have brought friends here who just didn't like it, but for the amount of food you get, is it worth it? Quantity over quality in this case? Try it and see for yourself!
-- Poet
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