Sushi Hon
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Sushi Hon

Neighborhood: South WestPrice Range: Average

120-1570 Kenaston Blvd

Tel: (204) 487-1120


Japanese Restaurant



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Good (86.30)

Best new sushi restaurant in the city
I wasn't sure what to expect of this place as it's very very new and within a stone's throw of two other great sushi restaurants in the city. Its has lots of competition, so they really need to have a special draw.

The first thing we noticed upon walking in was the politeness of the maƮtre d'. We walked in and were bowed to, very politely and kindly seated, bowed to again. The kitchen staff bowed and said hello to us, the waitress was very friendly. It was all very very flattering to say the least.
This is a service you don't see elsewhere, and in fact there are a lot of sushi restaurants that make you seat yourself, so that's what I was used to and I was pleasantly surprised with their service.

We ordered big.. maybe 5 maki rolls, yakitori, yakisoba, green tea. It was a very good portion. The maki rolls were just the right size, not being too huge to fit in your mouth, but not being so small that you're left feeling ripped off. The chicken in our yakitori was very good.
We were surprised at the large amount of spicy dishes on the menu, but I love that since I love spicy food. When I'm there on my own, I'll be sure to try more of them out.

My favorite was (surprisingly) the calamari rolls because of how tender and excellently prepared they were. Not chewy in the slightest. My next favorite would be the Swimming Prawn roll which is essentially philadelphia roll with shrimp and spicy sauce. They put HUGE amounts of unagi on our Dragon roll which, depending on how much you like your eel, could be something to consider.

The chef complimented us with another free appetizer which I didn't catch the name of.. but essentially it was shrimp tempura. Also very tasty.

The atmosphere is very modern. They definitely spent good money on making sure everything was perfect. The lighting was perfect, the colors were warm and inviting, everything looked like it was right out of a showroom.

To sum it all up: If I had to compare all of the great sushi restaurants in town, this would have to be at the top of my list right now. The service was out of this world which in itself could push it to the top of my list. The food just happened to be competitive to the sushi restaurants around it (very tasty), and the prices were competitive as well. I'll definitely be going back time and time again.

-- Poet
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