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  Nautical Nellies posted by Kasey  
  It has been a long time since I have been at Nellies, but I was looking forward to a pint and some good fish and chips. This pub changed management in 2010, and not for the better. There was only one ...  
  The Keg posted by Candycane  
  Cold Steaks again !! Haha, then the waitress offered to reheat them!!! uuuggg It's pretty sad when the plain baked potato is the most attractive item on your plate! To top it off we were "gouged...  
  Aqua posted by Traveling Twosome ...  
  The Keg posted by mr.wolf  
  Well it's the keg. To busy to handle the rush, waiting 45 minutes to be seated, and waiting in an over crowded bar drinking overpriced drinks. Servers and management hurrying around and sweating way t...  
  Tajmahal Restaurant posted by Girl From Town  
  Love the Taj. Food is authentic - rich, zesty flavours, just enough heat. Highly recommend the onion bhajai (sp?), pakoras and, of course, their Naan bread. Oh, and a side of lime pickle. It's never c...  

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