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User Contribution Level Explanation calculates our User Contribution Levels in order to assist our users in evaluating the credibility of our reviews. If a reviewer has a very high User Contribution Level, then their review is more likely to be of value in making an informed restaurant selection.

Our registered users can improve their Contribution Level in a variety of ways, including every time they:

  • Write a new Restaurant Review
  • Create a new Restaurant Visit Review
  • Submit a new Comment on a Restaurant Review
  • Add a new restaurant
  • Report invalid data
  • And more...

The table below details the different levels and the points required to obtain them.

User Contribution LevelUser Contribution Points
Consistently poor-5.00 and below
Questionable-5.00 to -0.01
Newbie0.00 to 1.99
Novice2.00 to 4.99
Occasional5.00 to 9.99
Frequent10.00 to 24.99
Regular25.00 to 49.99
Good50.00 to 99.99
Great100.00 to 199.99
Excellent200.00 to 299.99
Superb300.00 to 499.99
Outstanding500.00 and above