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  Sergio's Italian Sandwiches posted by anonymous user  
  Amazing Alfredo Sauce, the Veal and the Chicken Parmigiana, melt in your mouth and the meatball is the best I have ever tasted anywhere. It's just incredible!...  
  Riv Bistro posted by anonymous user  
  There are to good Greek restaurants in this area. One in Midland and one in Penetang. We prefer the one in Midland because of the attitude of the service staff even when we we don't have a reservation...  
  Midland Fish & Chip & Seafoods posted by anonymous user  
  There are other good fish restaurants in town but if you want old fashioned fish and chips (whitefish or halibet) this is the place to go. Not fancy but pleasant. Eat in or take out its always great f...  
  Henry's South Fish Restaurant posted by anonymous user  
  Excellent food--huge portions. I would like to see halibut on the menu, however. ...  
  Henry's South Fish Restaurant posted by anonymous user  
  Amazing food. Best service ever. I will come back to Henry's every trip....  

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