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  Cecil's Eatery & Beer Society posted by Alexandra G  
  Overall I love the atmosphere in Cecil's; the people are friendly, the music is great, and seeing how they convert it from a day-time restaurant to a late night pub is pretty cool. I really like that...  
  Cecil's Eatery & Beer Society posted by Luna G  
  I went to Cecil's for dinner on New Year's Eve, and it was great! They had made a special menu for the evening, and had set up a salad and dessert table. It really felt like they had gone the extra mi...  
  Tek's Seafoods posted by Soci (Sqloze)  
  Not gourmet, but really good basic seafood options. The decor is a little tired, and the server was under trained, leading me to think that the heyday for Tek's has come and gone. That being said I w...  
  Churchill's Prime Rib House posted by Soci (Sqloze)  
  I've been twice with friends. I'd go back for the company but not for the food. The odd thing I noticed was that the locals loved it, but the out-of-towners were unimpressed. 6 of us ate on both occas...  
  Churchill's Prime Rib House posted by cclemon  
  Was passing through North Bay and was suggested this place by my hotel. The atmosphere was interesting, kind of italian villa on the outside and darkened pub on the inside. The servers were a b...  

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