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  Sixteen Front, Casual Fine Dining & Lounge posted by Anna1Louise  
  My husband and I have enjoyed dining at this spot for the last year. We were so impressed with the ambience, food and service that we decided to host a family reception at the end of may. All of our g...  
  Sixteen Front, Casual Fine Dining & Lounge posted by cellolyss  
  We followed our favourite waiter here when he switched jobs, and this quickly became our favourite restaurant in town. The food is terrific, we've always been impressed with the quality, and the chef...  
  Ossawippi Express Dining Cars posted by Roger (rke)  
  Kelsey's Neighborhood Bar and Grill posted by alexandra1818  
  Going in, I was a little biased, I think... in that all of my past Kelsey's experiences have meant disappointment in terms of service. This location was well-staffed, and while overly busy with cot...  
  Sixteen Front, Casual Fine Dining & Lounge posted by Diane Matte  
  This dining/lounge establishment was long overdue. Right from the start, upon entering Sixteen Front, I knew I was in for a treat. I was greated and well looked after at the front desk. I'm glad I ...  

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