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  Slice & Co posted by veg head  
  Went in to pickup something quick after work, and to my surprise Slice and Co had no slices..?! Go figure. I ended up ordering their Black Bean burger as I was told I'd need to wait 20-25 mins for a ...  
  Slice & Co posted by Zorro2000  
  I ordered the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, called the Original, which has tomato sauce, sausage, onion, and mozzarella. The sausage was ground up and quite spicy. There was no cheese to speak of. The &quo...  
  Pavarazzi posted by Jellybelly  
  The pizza was delicious but lacking a little in toppings. Also had the veal parmigiana and it was the best I've had in a long time. The veal was perfectly cooked and tasty. As for the pasta that c...  
  Cora's Breakfast & Lunch posted by alainpothier  
  Most meals include tons of fresh fruit, cheerfully served, always high quality, and always making you wish you could gon on eating forever. My wife and I would recommend this as a great brunch place....  
  Colonnade Pizza posted by alainpothier  
  My wife and I would like to dine at Colonnade Pizza more often but we find their pizza pricey. However, we both agree that they make the best pizza in Ottawa. Fresh ingredients, lots of cheese, perf...  

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