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  Easy Cook Hot Pot posted by Yflyer  
  My son and I visited this restaurant for lunch today. The sign may be misleading as it is not a Chinese buffet but rather a Mongolian Hot Pot type of restaurant. It took us a while to catch on how it...  
  Dragon Tavern Restaurant posted by Tisha HalfDark  
  They weren't the friendliest or understanding when our 9 month old came along. Not much choice in buffet or plum sauce for eggrolls either. And seem way too concerned about wasting food which makes me...  
  Lapointe Seafood Grill posted by LarrySabo  
  We've been here a number of times before and have enjoyed the meals, except one visit when the fish and chips disappointed. Our meal last night was excellent: bow-tie pasta with jumbo shrimp and smok...  
  Willy's and Juan's posted by Jellybelly  
  I've eaten here 3 times. I tried the fajitas which were below par, I could do better cooking my own. Tasted bland. Anchiladas and tacos were very salty. More salty than tasty. Price was high. Won'...  
  Palki Cuisine of India posted by Libertine de Montfort  
  We tried out this restaurant for the first time at dinner. Their dinner buffet was wonderful and contained all the essential dishes for North Indian cuisine. There was a huge dining hall, which was we...  

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