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Neighborhood: NepeanPrice Range: Inexpensive

2121 Carling Ave.

Tel: (613) 729-9864

Chain: A&W

Fast Food



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Visited on 2008-Jul-21
I should have gone with my gutt feeling!
My expectations were low going into this horrible thing. I had to be at an event for 6:30, and I don't live in Nepean, so I went to the Carlingwood Mall for dinner. I don't usually eat stuff like A&W (or Burger King, or McDonalds, or Wendy's, etc) but I saw that they had Chubby Chicken products that actually looked really good.

I bought a 5-piece chicken fingers and regular fries with a regular Diet Coke. I took them to a table, bit into the chicken, and almost spat it out! It's hard to describe, but the texture could only be described as rubber, and the taste as fishy.

I had a fry and, as I ate it, I believed that the tough chewy thing had been under a heat lamp for what might have been all afternoon.

I don't think either product had been removed after the lunch crowd that afternoon. It was 5:15 p.m. !

When I want to clear my palatte of this stuff, my Diet Coke turned out to be flat water with a weird syrop not quite mixed within. It was like sipping expired milk.

I threw out everything after eating two out of five chicken fingers, five fries. This crap cost me $10.50.

I don't eat a large variety of "fast food": I do eat Subway four times a week; Pizza Pizza slices twice a week; and I'll have a Harvey burger once every two months. So maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe this A&W location was the only one that produces disgusting leftovers for supper. But I'll wait a few years before I put that to the test.
-- wjs
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