Arome Seafood and Grill
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Arome Seafood and Grill

Neighborhood: Hull/GatineauPrice Range: Expensive
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6 Blvd Casino

Tel: 819-790-6410

Fine Dining

Arome, in the Hotel Hilton Lac Leamy, is an upscale eatery that maintains a casual ambiance. Visitors dine on seafood, rib roast and other menu items while enjoying a glass of wine from the impressive wine list.
The restaurant also provides some of the most spectacular views of the Ottawa River and Lac Leamy landscapes in the greater Ottawa area. Reliable hours provide guests several types of servings from breakfast buffets or the à la carte menu. A Sunday Brunch is offered as well as lunch and dinner



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Good (99.50)

Visited on 2012-May-23
Hit the Mark this time
My boyfriend and I went in for dinner on Wednesday night. It was much much much better than last time. The service was excellent, no on bothered us. We were brought to a table and I asked for the specials. I ordered a great wine to start. My boyfriend had a good ceaser salad then we each had the fillet. Mine was cooked perfectly.
I will most definatly be going back. Worth paying the few extra dollars instead of going to Al's.
-- Kanatagirl
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jade (adri)

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Frequent (14.30)

Enjoyable Weekend Brunch
My boyfriend and I came here for the weekend brunch. We arrived after noon, and we didn't realize that they had specific seating times. They were unable to accommodate us until another half hour later. Oh, our poor stomachs! :(

Finally our table was ready and we sat down. As we ventured to the brunch area, we saw that there were plenty of choices to be had. Fresh omelets, DIY crepes, smoked salmon, beautiful salad bar, etc. We enjoyed sampling a little bit of everything here. All the selections were nicely presented. The cream soup was fantastic.

I have a sweet tooth for desserts, and I really enjoyed their selection of cakes, fruits and fondue dip. The coffee-tasting cup thing (I really don't know the name to these!) was definitely my favourite.

Our server was quite professional and polite. No complaints about service.

Though it was a bit pricey, it was still a very enjoyable brunch.
-- jade (adri)
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Superb (420.10)

nice brunch buffet
I went here recently for their brunch buffet - highlights included the lamb in porto sauce and deserts. I didnt care for the salty breakfast home fries or the scrambled eggs (but overall there was more I liked than disliked). A bit pricey (a tad north of $30)
-- food_critic
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Regular (35.30)

Great view -- food and service not so much.
I have eaten here four times. Once for breakfast, once for brunch and twice for dinner. I will not return. Breakfast and brunch are what you would expect from an upper-end hotel -- a good, but not great, selection of the usual fare. There's nothing unique and nothing memorable, but at the same time everything is palatable and of good quality. One of my dinners was their "Summer Brazilian BBQ". I was excited about this having heard Hector Diaz is a top chef in the area and I figured this would be his forte (even though he's from Chile not Brazil). But, unfortunately, this, like the breakfast and brunch buffets was very average. And, when you consider the bill, which isn't inexpensive, you could certainly dine elsewhere much better.

My last experience for dinner was dreadful. A companion ordered the seafood platter consisting of five items, two of which were missing. (Hmm, not good odds.) When we asked the waiter where the items were, he actually took my guest's fork and riffled around the plate to ensure there weren't scallops hiding. (I'm not kidding!) Apparently we weren't lying so 10 minutes later he brought two large ones and one teeny tiny one on a separate plate without an apology. When we informed him the scampi was also missing he showed us a crab leg and said this is it. Huh? We decide not to educate him or the cooks and let it go and cut our losses. At $50 for this item alone, it speaks volume about the kitchen and of the wait staff.

There are a few positives. For example if you go for Sunday brunch you can use the fitness and games facilities for free, including the lovely heated outdoor saltwater pool. Also the restaurant is elegantly decorated and the deck has gorgeous views of Lac Leamy. It's just too bad you couldn't sit on the patio and bring your own food or order delivery from someplace else.
-- pjhunt
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Great (140.25)

Visited on 2007-Dec-2
Wonderful brunch!
I came here in early December for a family birthay brunch. wow! What a selection of food! They had pretty much anything and everything to satisfy anyone. The smoked salmon was my favorite along with the bluberry crapes. The dessert selection was devine!! I defintely over ate!!

My only complaint is that every one serves themselves. In a finner establishment, at a buffet, there are servers serving you the eggs, ect...But here, the spoons were all over the place and it was kind of a mess.

Regardless, I would probably go back.
-- passion4food
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