Alberto's Restaurant Pizza Zone
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Alberto's Restaurant Pizza Zone

Neighborhood: Westboro/HintoPrice Range: Inexpensive
Based on 5 reviews

1079 Wellington

Tel: (613) 724-3000

Fast Food

Pizza by the slice, Burgers, Hot dogs, Poutine
Pizza $2.50/slice or $5 for 2 slices with canned drink or dipping sauce.
Hot dog combo $4.50
Hamburger combo $6

Prices do not include taxes.



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Best Pizza ever
I have just arrived home in Australia after visiting Canada with my family. While we were in Ottawa, I was looking for a pizza and I found Pizza Zone. To my surprise I found the restaurant very clean and the staff very friendly. When I tried the pizza, I couldn't believe how great it tasted. We went back and bought a second pizza. It is a pity that they do not deliver to Australia.
-- blackbart1953
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Best Pizza in Ottawa!!!!
I've only been in this place for like 2- 3 times. The first time i went there i was on my way to a friends house nearby and decided to order a pizza. Mannn... the pizza was was way different than pizza-pizza..It wasnt as curry tasting as pizza-pizza's ...and not too filling as pizza hut. I looove the hawaaiin..with lots of pineapples!!..the bacon in teh canadian was crisp and..theres a lot of toppings in the vegetarian. I'm actually a bit surprise that the price for any kind of pizza are all the same. The only thing i noticed wheni first went there, some of teh slices were a bit old and too hard, so i told the lady that it wud be better for their business if they remove old pizzas every now and then and replace them with new fresh ones. So the Next Day i went around 4 and saw all fresh slices of pizzas!!
-- Letty
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Friends and I ordered from Pizza Zone last weekend and we were all pleasantly surprised. The pizza was delicious. The crust was very similar to Pizza Hut, but a bit less greasy. The bacon on the Canadian was crisp and tasty. The pizzas were ready and fresh in about 10 minutes. We were all very satisfied and I'm sure we'll be back often.
-- clarkie16
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Chris (clinch)

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One good slice
I just got back from the newly-opened "Pizza Zone" where I tried a single slice of Canadian. The cost of the slice was alright, and advertised: $2.50 including tax.

The young chap working the cash was friendly, although he wasn't the most professional front-line employee.

There were several old and dried pizzas in their display, but the slice I chose looked the freshest. I went around 3PM so I imagine most slices were left over from lunch. I would suggest removing those slices from your display, even if it means that there are fewer slices to choose from. I would rather see only a few fresh slices in the display than a bunch of old slices with withered toppings.

I enjoyed the crust of the pizza and the toppings were plentiful, however there seemed to be some "zing" missing from the flavour. I never had a chance to look around, but if there were complimentary spices that I could have put on, they would have helped. If there were no spices available, I would suggest putting some out to kick up the flavour a bit.

Overall good and I will be back.
-- Chris (clinch)
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Novice (2.00)

good pizza in hintonburg
I work in an office in the area, and my coworkers and I have been excited about the opening of this pizza joint ever since the sign went up a few weeks ago.

They serve the standard greasy fare - Pizza is on a crust reminiscent of Pizza Hut, though slightly less greasy, and comes in the standard varieties of Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Hawaiian, Canadian, and Meat Lover's - Nothing groundbreaking or even unique. The pizza is good, the crust is crunchy but not overcooked, the sauce is tasty and toppings are generous though cheese is a little sparse.

The $5 2-slice combo unfortunately does not include taxes, or else something came out wrong because my two slices with dipping sauce came to $5.50. The hot dog and hamburger combos seem overpriced though I did not try them.

Pizza Zone's immediate competition for a quick slice includes Pizza Pizza and Kit Kat (Sam's Confectionary), only a few blocks on either side. Pizza Pizza offers more variety, and Kit Kat offers a cheesier 2-slice combo for $4.50 - a full dollar less.

In terms of general fast food, there are 2 chip wagons within a few blocks of Pizza Zone offering cheaper Poutine, Fries, Hot dogs and Hamburgers.

I think if Pizza Zone expects to succeed in the small and fairly competitive hintonburg lunch market they will need to improve their variety, as well as learn to compete in terms of pricing, but I'll likely be visiting once every few weeks .
-- dbone
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