A Culinary Conspiracy
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A Culinary Conspiracy

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541 Rideau Street

Tel: (613) 241-3126

Casual Fine Dining

Pastry and coffee shop located in a renovated Victorian home. Catering menu available. Occasional private dinners hosted on location.



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Frequent (12.80)

Visited on 2010-Jun-2
OK, but nothing special
I finally got around to going to this place of which I've heard great things over the years. I found the food to be fine, but nothing special, and the portions small. Their spicy carrot thing (don't remember the real name, sorry) was boooorrring. I didn't have any meat or fish items, so I can't speak to those. Someone else in there was looking for a vegan dessert, and they didn't have any (just FYI), but they did say that they could make it if someone called ahead. The place looks great and the service is helpful and friendly, but the food was a bit of a let-down. I've heard such great things that I'll give it another shot, and try a bunch of different stuff.
-- Feed_Me
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Regular (27.86)

Visited on 2009-Feb-14
Nice food when you dont want to cook
Had their "CUPID’S CULINARY PACKAGE" valentine's special.
Appetizer: Braised Leek & Brie Bouchees - ver tasty but small
Salad: green salad - normal salad with some nice fruit and dressing
Main: I had "KARMA SUTRA Grilled Veggie Stacks with Risotto" and the BF had "LOVE BIRD Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast", both came with sides of zucchini and potato wedges. They were both excellent!
Dessert: "NAUGHTY BUT NICE Espresso & Strawberry
Chocolate Cheesecake"- YUMMM!!!
Extra: two chocolate truffles - good!
Each 'package' came with appetizer, salad, main, and dessert for $28 so it was an excellent deal considering most restaurants charge you a fortune on Valentine's day (although admittedly we weren't paying for a server like in a restaurant).
All in all, I enjoyed my experience!
P.S. for vegetarians - they always have at least one veggie main.
-- blair
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Pickles (jmc.pickles)

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Regular (30.00)

Wonderful catering
I went to a wedding with this catering. It was delicious and the servers were wonderful. Very friendly and efficient. Very creative in their recipes- tasty dishes. Bride and groom were very pleased as they were having trouble finding catering on such short notice.
Very nice punch too!
-- Pickles (jmc.pickles)
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Great (118.80)

well done!
A great place to pick up lunch or dinner if you need to be catered to!

They always have an interesting menu and selection of preserves, sandwiches and delectable mains. All can be taken home and reheated if you are just too tired to cook.

Currently they have a halloweeny menu with cute tasty titles.
-- cclemon
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