D&S Southern Comfort Bbq
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D&S Southern Comfort Bbq

Neighborhood: East End
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6501 Russel Road

Tel: (613) 822-8652


Ottawa's Best and only Smokehouse restaurant



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Ken (ken v)

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Superb (364.54)

Visited on 2013-Jul-5
Best BBQ In Town
After two bad experiences at The Smoque Shack where the Ottawa shuffle seems to be taking place(Warren should concentrate more on BBQ than his pizza joint).It was time to revisit D&S. Our server was knowledgeable and attentive but not obtrusive. I asked questions about the BBQ and she had an answer for all my question without having to ask the chef. This is real deal BBQ. My brisket was sliced thin with BBQ competition texture. My sauce was on the side with only a slight bit of sauce on the brisket itself. Tender juicy and lean which was surprising. Usually when we are down in Texas I have to ask for the fatty cut to ensure it is not dry. My wife got half rack of side ribs dry with sauce on the side. Some really good ribs. If your looking for that fall off the bone boiled Canadian style stuff smothered in a sickly sweet sauce you are out of luck. Ribs the way ribs should be with a slight bit of chew as any BBQ enthusiast will attest to. Our armadillo eggs to start were some pork-a-lichous creations with a sausage pork outside revealing a cheese stuffed jalapeno centre. Sides were beans and cornbread muffins, fried mac and cheese balls. Everything was fantastic right down to the smoked chocolate cheese cake with just enough smoke to offset the richness of the cream cheese brilliant. Dave the owner is a great guy he took the time and sat with us to talk BBQ. This has got to be the most underrated restaurant in the city. We have now switched loyalties from Smoke to D&S. Will be back soon with friends.
-- Ken (ken v)
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Scott W

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Newbie (1.00)

Don't waste your time, they will do it for you!
I'll keep this brief. We arrived at 6:45pm, ordered our food at 7:10, received our food at 8:45pm. This place was totally unprepared for the Fathers Day rush. Even our server commented on how bad the wait was.
Luckily we had entertainment at the table next to us as the server tried to explain why there was a piece of broken beer bottle ( yes broken glass ) in a little girls meal.
Yes the food was good but if you want a long wait and a possible visit to the emergency room, this is the place for you.
-- Scott W
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Visited on 2012-Jun-10
A huge disappointment
I went to this restaurant yesterday and still can't get out of my head how disappointed I was with both the food and service. We sat for one hour in an empty restaurant waiting for our food. When we got our meals, I was shocked by the bad quality and presentation.

Both of our meals were inedible. My husband didn't eat more than a bite of his brisket and asked for a takeout container. I took a small bite of my $22 beef ribs and refused to eat it. I told the waitress that they were very dry and didn't seem fresh at all and were not worth $22 and I didn't want to eat them.

The owner came over and asked me what was wrong. I told him that the small handful of french fries were cold and he told me that he wasn't personally responsible for that. Then I told him that the ribs were dry and seemed old. He defensively and arrogantly told that wasn't true and they were perfect. He made me feel embarrassed and humiliated like I was wrong and how dare I insult his food.

Long story short, we waiting over an hour to be ignored by our waitress, to be given poor quality food and to be insulted by the owner.

Please save your money and go somewhere else to eat. They are the most unprofessional group of people I have ever encountered in a restaurant plus the food was very much below restaurant quality. I give this place an enormous fail.
-- sk1964
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Have no idea what they are doing, don't bother!
My family and I went out for a dinner here on a Tuesday night. We have eaten all over Ottawa and it is a family tradition to regularly go out pretty much weekly. I have had a lot of dinning experience but I have never been anywhere that I felt embarrassed for staff and the owner. The service was horrific!!! It took forever for the server to take our order, when she made a mistake she was rude. In fact when delivering something to our table she swore loudly and when told she had made a mistake made a rude comment and told us basically to deal with it. It took forever for our food to come while waiting the server dropped things. Though I can understand that everyone makes mistakes and accidents happens there were several in the 3 hours we were there. When we were done eating, it took a fairly long time for our plates to be picked up and the bill to be brought to the table. I could not understand why service was so slow they had 5 or 6 people there in uniform and none of the servers seemed to be actually doing their job! I saw some servers have a nice chat between themselves at the back of the building instead of working and another sitting down on her cell phone texting. After receiving our bill it took at least 40 minutes to pay the bill and we had to chase the server to do so, I stood in line and she walked away from me more then once without even acknowledging me! I saw other customers coming to the bar while I waited asking for things that were never brought to their table and getting rude responses when asking for this mistake to be fixed. This place is just HORRIBLE!!! No one on staff seemed know what their job was, or could even be bothered to do it. They didn't seem to appreciate that they are in the service industry and should treat people at least half way decent. I felt sick after finishing my meal, the fries that came to our table were limp and soggy. I just have nothing good to say about this place, oh wait the decorations weren't horrible. There are many fantastic restaurants in Ottawa but this is DEFINITELY NOT one of them!!!! I don't recommend bothering to make the trip.
-- SGC
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Frequent (11.50)

Best BBQ in the region
I've been to most (if not all) of the up-and-coming BBQ places in the region - SmokeQue, Fatboys and even the new one on Bank where the old Mexi's was - and none even come close to D&S.
Too far a drive you say? Not at all. I live in the west end and it took me 20 minutes to get there on a Saturday night. It's just 10 minutes past the St.Laurent exit and about 3 minutes off the Boundary Road exit. Enough about the location...let's move on to the food.
Kids menu is your typical kids menu but both my kids loved the hamburger and couldn't get enough of the fresh cut fries.
On our first dinner time visit (we went for Sunday brunch as our first visit - and we will return for that as well) my wife had the D&S Signature Burger. 8oz patty, melted - slightly deliciously burn cheddar cheese, onion ring - this burger was a work of art. So delicious and filling that she couldn't finish it.
I had the beef ribs with roasted root vegetables and cole slaw. Best beef ribs around...great value, great taste and sooooo filling. Desert? Forget it, I didn't have room. However, during our brunch trip, I had the smokey cheesecake. Save room for dessert.
This place is the real deal. Owner was very friendly - taking a break at the bar. I had a nice chat with him. He really loves bbq and smoked foods...and it shows.
The decor needs some improvement. The staff is fantastic. More people should visit. Well worth the trip.
-- oakleydog
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Great (190.97)

Give it a chance
RT paid some dividends with this recommendation. For starters, this place is not located in some remote part of Iberia. Carlsbad Springs is a very reasonable distance to drive whether you live in Orleans or Kanata. The rurality (yep) of the place actually makes it an easier commute than say downtown Ottawa on the weekend.

We arrived around 5pm and aside from a few other tables the place was pretty empty. It is huge inside and brand new looking.

We started with some onion rings and chipotle mayo. 7 bucks bought us about an onions worth of greasy, peppery rings that went down okay.

Guest went with the 3 bone rib and chicken breast meal while I went for the hickory smoked brisket. You also get your choice of sides (you can pick 2 from a list of 7 or 8). I chose the beans and potato salad, figuring they are pretty much staples of the south. My companion had the roasted veggies (carrots, parsnip and red onion) and hush puppies (fried cornbread balls with a bit of jalapeno).

My meat was pretty nice. Very flavourful. The beans were stick to your ribs but had a little too much bite for my liking. I prefer a bit more give to my baked beans, these seemed a little too crunchy. The potato salad was the perfect creamy compliment to the richer sweeter flavours on the plate.

I grabed a hush puppy and enjoyed it, light and grainy, your mileage is going to vary depending on how much you like cornbread. My guest was definitely impressed with their meal overall. We were even more please when the bill for 2 (1 app, 2 huge mains and a beer) came to under 50$ before tax.

Will definitely make the drive out again. Give this place a shot.
-- Marijumanji
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Occasional (5.20)

The Real Deal
I've been going to D and S for over a year now and I still look forward to my weekly trip. My wife and I calculate that the 20 minute drive to the "middle of nowhere" Carlsbad Springs is about the same as going downtown to the Market and finding a parking space, but it's even better... there's no charge for parking at D and S.

The food is real slow smoked BBQ. I am involved with a nationally accredited BBQ competition at the Gloucester Fair and I've been party to some of the most tasty ribs, pulled pork, chicken and brisket you'd ever want to try and D and S helps fill the void between annual contests.

After a year of patronage I admit I've become good friends with the owner Dave Harper and I'm very impressed with his dedication to his craft and his operation.

…and try the hushpuppies! I originally tried this southern treat in South Carolina years ago and Dave's are as good as I remember.

So what do you have to loose? Go give your tastebuds a treat.
-- ILikeItHOT
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Newbie (1.00)

Visited on 2010-Mar-13
Real smokehouse BBQ in Ottawa
After hearing an ad on the radio for Southern BBQ in Ottawa, my family and I were quick to make the long trek out to Carslbad Springs. It was well worth the drive. I've had smokehouse BBQ from coast to coast and D&S ranks among the very best anywhere. We had smoked wings, pulled pork and armadillo eggs and everything was moist, flavourful and cooked to perfection with great smoke flavour. We'll be returning soon.

UPDATE: I recommended this place to several co-workers who went on different days and times, and all reported back with sub par experiences. Dry brisket and undercooked ribs. Staff said that was how Texas BBQ should be - NOT! I may or may not go back myself.
-- bc
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Occasional (5.00)

Visited on 2010-Feb-6
4 of us went to D&S last night for dinner.

You would think the interior would have a roadhouse look but its not what you expect, the bar side looks roadhouse but the dinner side is very large with booths in the middle and around one side but the rest is made up of metal cafeteria type tables.

The server was good, he did his job well but there seemed to be a long delay in getting the food, we arrived there at 7-730 and left at 10. It was ok because we were not in a rush but if you were not in a rush I would have been not too happy. Another waitress came by and said its because of the “system” they have and they can’t wait until next week when the new one is put in place.

I was the only one having a appetizer, the Giant Onion Rings. They were spicy huge and good, the mayo dip was tasty, I would get them again.
For the main course I had the St Louis ribs (with Creole sauce) with side of beans and corn bread. The ribs were really good, best I have had in Ottawa. The smoke flavor is perfect. The beans were also amazing, I would definitely get them again. The corn bread was served in 2 cupcakes. They were good but next time I would get another side instead.

My wife had the Pork back ribs (with the spicy apple sauce) and she also loved them. I tried them and found them to be equal to the St Louis ribs in quality and taste. She had the veggie side and said they were good.

The couple we were with both had the chicken and they said they really liked it, he had the fries as a side and said they were really good. They had a mix up with some of the sides.

Too full to have desert.

Service 7/10 (the long delay and the kitchen screwed up a few things, I was surprised they charged my friend for an extra pop and a side gravy after the mixups)
Food 8.5/10

Would I go back, definitely, would like to try the Beef ribs next time.
-- shub
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