Atomic Rooster
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Atomic Rooster

Neighborhood: Downtown/CentePrice Range: Average

303 Bank St

Tel: (613) 569-1000

Bar / Grill



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Frequent (11.00)

Great Service - Good Food
My wife and I had appetizers and drinks at the Atomic Rooster. There was a band playing that evening and we had a blast. Good atmosphere, great service and well located on Bank Street. No problems to find parking on a side street. We had pizza, hot chicken wings, vegetable platters and nachos. Typical bar food but succulent, not greasy and tasted good. Nothing negative to say about the place. I recommend this place to anyone.
-- alainpothier
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Ken (ken v)

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Superb (364.54)

Visited on 2010-Oct-8
The food was not edible.
Seeing that beau's was on tap I figured by past experiences around town the food would also be good. I could have not been more wrong. This place makes the Royal Oak look outstanding which really isn't saying much but they are in the same category. On first arriving we should have about faced and left by the shady clientele hanging around the frond door smoking. We went in anyway. The awful paintings of roosters for sale throughout the restaurant was a bit unsettling or maybe a better word is CREEPY. This would be a good place for a Halloween party. We ordered a pound of hot chicken wings that were very dry I would say from being frozen to long. My burger arrived burnt,small,dry with a stale bun processed cheese and bacon. After two bites I came to the conclusion that it was inedible. My wife ordered the chorizo quesadilla. She did not eat it either. She did pick out the kielbasa sausage they tried to pass off as chorizo and left the mountain of caramelized onions stale over toasted flour tortilla and old expired jarred salsa that had no flavour on her plate. This is a drinking establishment. I suppose that if intoxicated enough the food wouldn't not be noticeable but it was 5pm and I do not drink that much anymore. Our server asked if everything was ok I paused for a moment from the shock of such bad quality food and said "not really". She asked what was wrong and I said"let's not bother" got the bill and left. A $53 mistake I hope nobody else will make.
-- Ken (ken v)
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