Cedars & Co. Food Market
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Cedars & Co. Food Market

Neighborhood: GlebePrice Range: Inexpensive

1255 bank street

Tel: (613) 288-2797

Middle Eastern

Food market with small restaurant inside.



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Great (100.00)

Prepared food side is all good
I can't speak to the 'restaurant' side the below review comments on - i didn't know they did fish & chips, i thought it was a shawarma place - but i have had Lebanese food from the 'other' side of Cedar's three times now, most recently mid week early Dec 2010, and I think this is some of the best Lebanese you can get in O-town that isn't from someone's grandmother's kitchen.

I used to be a fan of the Mid-East Market over on St-Laurent, but now i think Cedar's is better (i give Mid East the edge in sheer variety, but one for one the same items are better at Cedars imnsho). Their dips (hummus, tahini, babagawatchamacallit, etc) are fresh and taste 'real' as opposed to the overprocessed stuff you can get at big grocers. The green beans and the zuchini in red sauce (i know there are proper names for this stuff but i'm not the right ethnicity to know them, sorry :) ) are awesome, the rice/lentil/onions thing is somewhat addictive, and those are now my favourite stuffed vine leaves in the city. Oh, and if you spot a tray of kebbe (kibbe? kibay? those ball things made of grain around seasoned minced meat...) DON'T TOUCH BECAUSE I WANT THEM ALL! ALL! MINE!!!!


They have a takeaway deal that gives you a massive (seriously: HUGE) plastic container with four items and a sauce for like $12... it's INSANE how much yummy food you get. They're also really great about letting you taste things.

Anyhow, i will be back and will send others for the Lebanese takeaway without hesitation.

Semi-unrelatedly, the produce and the fish are great too.
-- OSoloMeal
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Ken (ken v)

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Superb (364.54)

Visited on 2010-Dec-18
Greasy Fish and chips
On or way home from Christmas shopping we decided to stop in and get take out fish and chips. Staff were super friendly. We got a deal we thought. He only charged $7.99 for fish and chips which was advertised at $10.95 and he didn't have change so he gave us another $1 off. First off the fries were not edible. They had a rubbery stale consistency almost like the oil was not hot enough when he fried them up or they had been siting above warm oil all day. The fish was very good but again the batter was soaked in oil. Tartar sauce was super with a heavy dill flavour and salad excellent. It was 4:30pm when we picked up so I'm not sure if this is a lunch place and the frier was on econo or it was just an off day. On the positive side the produce in the store looked great
-- Ken (ken v)
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