Art-Is-In Bakery
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Art-Is-In Bakery

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250 City Centre Av

Tel: (613) 238-6996

Cafe / Coffee Shop

Art-Is-In Boulangerie (Bakery + cafe)



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Good (53.21)

Visited on 2013-Mar-24
Great sandwich but some front counter issues.
We finally had an opportunity to check this place out. I was encouraged after reading the Citizen article this week about how the owner cannot keep up with wholesale demands. I'm not claiming to know all after one visit, but what I observed gave me some insight…great product, poor management.

First and foremost, my AAA beef sandwich was delicious as was my husband’s ham and cheese sandwich. Bravo!

The store front was extremely unorganized. Here are some issues I saw in the over twenty customer interactions I observed during my visit. Inconsistent queuing directions - result, people being served out of order (yes I know there is an express line, I’m talking about lunch orders); Staff vacantly going through the motion of asking customers for their orders, but not listening to what the customer says; Staff unable to answer simple questions about the menu items; Staff far more committed to their side conversations with each other than serving.

It was kind of sad to see the kitchen staff working their tails off and the front counter/floor staff being flaky.
-- joyofginger
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Ken (ken v)

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Superb (364.54)

Visited on 2013-Feb-2
Mmmm Pork!
Kevin's new offering is a pork meatball sandwich. Hail to the King of sammy Kevin for this incredibly tasty offering. Juicy fatty tender crumbly pork meatballs oozing with a tangy marinara sauce nestled on top of some arugula trying to be held together by some aged cheddar. This sammy was bursting porkolicious flavor. It looked small between the crunchy dynamite white bread but it's appearance is deceiving,this creation kept the hunger away for hours. Note:get extra napkins this is not a knife and fork offering you will get messy.
-- Ken (ken v)
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Good (75.05)

Visited on 2011-Nov-4
The secret is out...
I think the secret is out. We went on lunch time Friday and the line up was long (almost to the door)! The pulled pork sandwich that I was dying to have was sold out (barely 12:30pm). Other than that, their sandwiches were as good as I remembered (curry chicken + Cod sandwich once again)...
-- K&A
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lanctk (lanctk3)

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Frequent (16.30)

Absolutley Fabulous!
This is my FAV bakery in town!! I have been buying the bread for about a year now and just love it. Finally had the oportunity to go to the bakery and tried The buttermilk brined chicken Cesar sandwich on cheddar jalapeño bread...OMG! was it ever good. And the chocolate walnut cookies are to die for, and they are egg and flour free. I could visit this place every week but I would weigh 400lbs! Would highly recommend the Cheddar Jalapeno bread, the garlic rosemary bread and the 12 grain and fennel, all fantastic. The bread and the cookies freeze well too. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!-- lanctk
-- lanctk (lanctk3)
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