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Twisted Lizard

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Visited on 2013-Dec-6
Be careful
If you order the lunch special of enchiladas. Enchiladas are stuffed corn tortillas. Theirs are flour tortillas, and should really be called burritos.

This is not only annoying when the food arrives, but it could be dangerous for someone with Celiac disease, who believes they are safe ordering enchiladas as they always are corn tortillas.

Me, I don't have any health issue with flour tortillas - I just expect enchiladas when I order enchiladas. I cannot fathom a Mexican restaurant not knowing the difference.

No, it was not a mistake - I checked their website. Their gallery clearly shows "enchiladas" on flour tortillas.
-- Froglegs
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Great (190.97)

I was initially pretty excited when I heard that Twisted Lizard was opening in Ottawa. The menu on the American website boasted an interesting array of tex mex classics and even some more authentic looking mexican dishes. Sadly the Canadian menu bares little to no resemblance to the American one. Instead what you have is the same tired tex mex formula that has been done to death in this city.

We ordered the fajitas, a pretty clear barometer of how good a tex mex restaurant is. The guac tasted like it was made in house so that's a positive. The tortillas were grocery store quality. The chicken was dry and tasted like it was pre-cooked. Lonestar can get away with this because of the high turnover but in a restaurant 3/4's empty only god knows how long the chicken had been sitting.

The bill for a pound of chicken fajitas, no drinks, came to $41 and change, after tip you are looking at $50 for a mediocre meal. Service was okay. The tvs in the bar area are awkwardly placed and small, discouraging any sort of game day crowd. You can get fresher and cheaper food at any one of the numerous fast food Mexican chains popping up in town, so why come here?

If the recent closing of Mexicali Rosa's is an indication of anything, perhaps it is a sign of the end of Ottawa's love affair with sub par tex mex restaurants. If Mexi's couldn't survive in a superb location with a product that was quite frankly better, how this place expects to compete is a mystery to me.
-- Marijumanji
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Visited on 2011-Sep-18
All you can eat fajitas!!
Our server was excellent; very knowledgeable and pleasant. I really liked the music and the overall atmosphere which felt very comfortable and friendly. I had all you can eat fajitas (a mix of chicken and steak) and my wife ordered beef kabobs, with the 'cilantro lime rice' and cooked veggies. With the fajitas I tried the fresh made guacamole, salsa, and jalapeno relish which were excellent. Both dishes were very tasty and served steaming hot. For dessert we had coffee and Lizard Tails served with caramel for dipping – a little sticky and sweet, but definitely a fun way to finish off our meal. We will definelty go back to take advantage of the sunday night fajita special!
-- Alessandro
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Not going to last
The rice was raw, the salad was old, and nothing about any of it was homemade. The waitress blatantly ignored us the entire evening. She was huffing and puffing when we mentioned that the rice was raw. The debit machine wasn't working, and she had no plausible alternative, nor did she mention it until after everyone had eaten. Every person in the place was upset and the waitress disappeared into the kitchen instead of dealing with them. There was another girl that appeared to have just gotten off a shift, drinking at the bar, and another employee found it necessary to smack her ass repetitively and she would shriek. Overall, the restaurant was a huge let down. I can assure you that even 12.99 pitchers and half price apps would not be enough to convince me to go back... in fact, I wouldn't even go back if the food was free. East Side Marios, Boston Pizza, or even Burger King are all next door, and WAY better.
-- easycustomer
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Visited on 2011-Jun-2
Huge disappointment!
Wow. I was very excited to try this place, not far from the office, as I am a big Tex-Mex fan, and had enjoyed numerous meals at Mexi's around town (this location had formerly been a Mexicali Rosa's).

Unfortunately the experience was poor almost from the get-go.

Atmosphere was pleasant, booth was comfortable.

Service appeared disinterested. No smile was offered when greeted, seated or served. Did not receive a refill or offer of one on my water.

Ordered the lunch time fajitas. At $13.49, proved to be a terrible value. Portions were miniscule. Only three shells were provided, and were served cold, folded on the same plate holding the tiny servings of garnish, perhaps 1 table spoon of diced tomato, and similar quantities of cheese, sourcream and lettuce. No salsa or pico de gallo were served, although some (tasty/fresh) salsa was provided when I asked for it, along with a large portion of frank's hot sauce.

Chicken was nicely cooked, and flavourful, with a crust of seasoning around the outer edge that I have never seen before with fajitas, but which I did enjoy. Unfortunately there was so little chicken provided (and a surprisingly small quantity of onion!) that I could barely fill the three disappointing tortillas shells that had been provided.

I will probably go back to try this place again, in the hopes that they can make some improvements in the service, portions and overall value of their offerings. Also, I noticed a "blooming onion" on the menu, and would like to try it, as I was always very partial to the ones served at the Outback Steakhouse before they closed down locally.

One other suggestion, even if management can't improve on the quality of the tortilla shells offered, please at least serve them in proper tortilla containers, so that they can stay warm and soft long enough to be enjoyed.

MarkHab for
-- MarkHab
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