Golden India
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Golden India

Neighborhood: East EndPrice Range: Inexpensive
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408 McArthur

Tel: 613-842-9153


New Indian resto near the Toyota dealership on McArthur (location used to be a Fat Alberts a long time ago)



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Good (97.70)

Visited on 2014-Aug-3
Cold mediocre food.
I was surprised that this place has an 89% approval on Urbanspoon. They have an Urbanspoon sticker on their door. I guess it’s to make people think that they are Urbanspoon approved or more popular than they really are. I wonder it is a pay to play thing? I also noticed that they have a high number of votes for a place that has been in the area for such a short time. The food here is mediocre at best. We went to give it a try because of the glowing reviews, but now I find those reviews suspect.

It’s situated in a small strip mall in Vanier. The place has not been that long, but the décor inside already looks dated and drab.

The buffet seemed promising enough until you got close. Dishes were half empty and the steam tables didn’t seem to be giving off much heat. I think that could pose a food hazard as cooked foods need to be at a constant temperature. Read: Lotus Chinese Food Take-Out food poisoning fiasco. Instead of refilling the dishes the women working kept scooping the stuff from the outside of the dish to the center to make it look like more. This and the lack of heat made most of the dishes cold and dry. Most of the meat dishes were indistinguishable and boring. They were probably like that because they had been sitting out too long. The naan was pita thin and flaked apart when you tried to rip a piece.

Service was what one would expect at a buffet, but it was not busy. The lack of warm bodies did not surprise me considering the calibre of the food. No one in our group went back for more than one visit to the buffet.

It was a mad dash to the toilet when we got home. Would not recommend and will not be back. If you want good Indian try Little India Café or Brampton Meat & Authentic Indian Take Out. They are both worth the drive if they are not in your neck of the woods
-- taylor
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Good (53.20)

Visited on 2012-Jun-10
We ordered take-out from the restaurant last night as we were interested in trying this place. The person on the phone was very helpful in suggesting items for us to try from their menu. We ended up ordering beef vindaloo, chicken dhansak, a mixed veggie curry, and the matar paneer. The vindaloo was tasty, although not the best we've tried. The sauce for the dhansak was amazing. The only complaint I had was regarding the meat dishes, the size of the chunks of meat were too big - you need a knife to cut them, they were too big to just use your bread to pick up. The curry was good, as was the matar paneer. We also tried the roti (good), naan (a little dry, but it's take-out so forgivable), and muglai paratha (I've decided that I like a plain paratha better).
Delivery took almost an hour, although the person on the phone warned me about that. They included a complimentary gulab jamun for dessert which was a nice touch.
Altogether the tab came to ~$60 which seemed like a steal for the amount of food we received. We'll definitely order from here again.
-- sm
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Frequent (19.80)

Visited on 2012-May-18
First Impression
I decided to try this new place out given the positive reviews that I have heard. I came for the lunch buffet. The restaurant was somewhat smaller than other Indian eateries I have dined in. Becuase it is still new, it was not very busy and there were plenty of seats at 12:30PM on a Friday. The overall service and atmosphere was average. It would be helpful if the staff could be a more welcoming and smile a bit. As for the buffet, half the dishes were not labelled so I had to ask the staff what they were. As for the food, some dishes were tasty, others not. Their chicken biryani was below average as was their butter chicken. On the positive side, their vegetable samosas, beef korma and tandoori chicken were very good. The meat was tender with just the right amount of spices. On the whole, this place is worth another visit.
-- qaziarif
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Allen walker

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Newbie (1.00)

Very impressive restaurant
What a wonderful new restaurant. They just opened mid December 2011 as a "new build" restaurant so everything is brand new, sparkling clean and decorated wonderfully. The owner is so charming, such a wonderful person.
The food, my god, the food was fantastic! We have eaten at almost every Indian restaurant in the city and their buffet, at $11.99 all you can eat buffet is better than all others who charge double their price!!!
We were so impressed we are planning on returning with a group of friends to share this wonderful new gem we stumbled upon.
You will be so happy with the food, the decor and the service you will want to come back every day. It is making me hungry for it just writing this review.
-- Allen walker
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Superb (420.10)

Visited on 2012-Feb-2
more good indian take out
This place is quickly becoming my favourite indian resto.

Stopped by recently for some takeout - this time went with a mulligtawny soup and tandoori chicken. Good food, generous portions and reasonably priced.
-- food_critic
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