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Arc Lounge

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140 Slater Street

Tel: 613-238-2888

Fine Dining

Lounge & Restaurant
ARC Lounge & Restaurant in keeping with the hotel is a unique dining experience. The ARC's Executive Chef's food philosophy is to use only the freshest regional and Canadian ingredients, combined with international cooking methods.

The ARC Lounge and Restaurant is a combination of intimate and soothing interiors that marry the rich hues of burgundy red on the walls with luxurious fabrics and warm dark woods to create the same sensual aesthetics and sublime comfort as the rest of the hotel.

Hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday
6:30 - 10:30 am

Saturday & Sunday
7:00 - noon

Monday to Friday
11:30 - 2:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed

Monday to Saturday
5:30 - 10:00 pm

ARC Lounge (Bar and Restaurant) are closed for lunch and dinner on Sunday.



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Frequent (13.80)

Visited on 2010-Jul-1
Very Pleasant Surprise
My boyfriend & I stayed downtown at the ARC Hotel for Canada Day & decided to try the ARC Lounge for dinner prior to braving the crowds for the fireworks!

Turned out that evening the lounge itself was closed for a private party, however they had setup tables in the library so we wandered over to check it out. There were only 3 tables (Just 1 occupied) & the ambience was perfect considering it was such a tiny room! Dim lighting, beautiful dark colors & music playing at the perfect level convinced us to stay. 3 tables was just enough too to allow enough room & privacy, and we ended up having an unforgettable meal!

Since there were only 2 tables seated (including us) the entire time we were there, service was excellent. Not intrusive, however whenever we needed something our server was right there (Alexandre). He was extremely knowledgeable about the menu & all the ingredients the chef used as well as having a sperb command of the wine list.

ARC offers an option where you can make any menu option into a 3-course table d'hote for $54 which was what my partner opted for. I wasn't that hungry & stuck with a single course.

My boyfriend started off with the B.C. scallops, fiddleheads & pancetta ravioli. Everything was delicious (I had a taste!). Scallops were plump & fresh & the fiddleheads were prepared perfectly. The pancetta ravioli was obviously handmade & we enjoyed the unique taste combinations.

For mains, I had the Mariposa Farms duck breats (medium-rare) with beluga lentils & pistachios. What a huge portion!!! But it was delicious & the duck was cooked to perfection with just enough fat still on it to give it some extra "oomph" for flavor. Surprisingly, it was the lentils & pistachio side dish that I devoured though (leaving some leftover duck), very good flavors & consistency, with just enough spices to keep me guessing as to the flavors! My boyfriend opted for the lamb done 2-ways, 1 a shank (that must have braised all day it was so tender) with goat cheese melting on top, & a small rack of lamb with goji berry sauce. Can't remember what his sides were, but his plate was empty so I know he enjoyed it all. At the reccomendation of our waiter, we tried a 2005 Spanish Tempranillo wine that complemented the red meat fantastically & proved his knowledge of the food/wine pairings. Wine wasn't overly expensive as I recall either, being between $30 to $50 a bottle for most (which I found very reasonable recognizing many labels & knowing the retail cost). Desert was creme brulée, which my boyfriend commented was a tad burnt on top, but delicious & just the right amount of creaminess & sweetness inside.

We finished off with 2 double espressos, then headed out to the Hill for the fireworks.

All in all, for the table d'hote price & selection, along with the stellar wine list & incredible service, we would not hesitate to return. Even if we don't stay at the hotel, it's worth a visit just for an evening out! I would also like to try dining in the lounge to see what that atmosphere is like. I would hope it would be similar to the library but with more seating :) Highly reccomended!
-- epicurien
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Newbie (1.00)

Visited on 2009-Oct-29
my lunch made me violently ill
I had lunch here with work colleagues and ordered the chicken. It was ok while I was eating it, but less than 3 hours later I was seeing it again. I was violently ill for the next 4-6 hours, which unfortunately resulted in my paying the extra "clean-up" fare in the taxi I had to take home when I left work early. When I told someone my story, they told me that the food arrives prepared and is just heated in the back - they weren't surprised at all that I had gotten so sick. I would not recommend it! it's too bad, becuase the restaurant and the staff were nice, but the food is too risky!
-- ksimmons
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Great (118.80)

The decor is lovely and a good downtown location but the food was lacking.
-- cclemon
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Great (100.00)

I hadn't been to the Arc in a long time, pre the redecorating and various changes in chefs. On a chilly Sat pm in Mar 2009, it seemed like a good place to have a drink and some tapas or appetisers (tappetisers!) before a show.

It being early, the Lounge was nearly empty, only two other couples at opposite ends of the place, with ample couches and tables to choose from. We settled in on the wide couches near the fireplace. Perhaps not ideal for fine dining but exactly what we were in the mood for.

Drinks were ordered and delivered in short order - $11 martinis are what they are and if the price doesn't freak you out, these are totally enjoyable. Nice wine-list by the glass too.

The food exceeded our expectations: a basket of art-is-in bread was a nice touch. a green salad with artichoke puree and a wide slice of beer cheese (yes, beer cheese) was fresh and tasty and ample. The lemon/lentil dip with toasted pita was very enjoyable - like a lemony hummus sort of thing but homemade, not from a package. A fig and goat's cheese terrine was simply delicious. A word about the soup - we were not sure whether to be horrified or intrigued by 'broccoli/chipotle/anchovy'... yes, you read that right... and i am SO glad we tried it. If you're there and they have it, go for it. Disregard the ingredienets and just go for it - it is soupy gastronomic excitement (i don't really know what that means but it seems accurate for the awesome soup).

Service was pleasant and prompt and friendly. I note the place was nearly empty but they seemed to have enough staff around that if it was busier they would have kept the level up even so.

Totally pleasant visit, will go back, will send others... seriously... broccoli, chipotle, anchovy... and it totally works...
-- OSoloMeal
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Great (100.00)

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Regular (41.00)

the food was great.
the light changing booth was original.
the service, while a bit unpolished was pleasant.
the woman sitting by herself and constantly speaking on her cell phone was annoying.
however I do now know quite a bit about her life. it was so romantic for her latest beau to send her flowers.
for me, the romance dropped off the chart after the 4th time she told the story to the 4th person she phoned.
if you're staying in a foreign city without the luxury of company, and you'd like to talk on your cell phone headset through out your entire meal
-- Chaz_Boda
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Novice (3.00)

At least you got in! I have left two separate messages to obtain a one bothered to call me back. I won't be trying again and I work across the street. Shame on them!
-- Cath
No Rating
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Good (91.35)

Some may call it cozy; I call it claustrophobic. Decorated in a minimalist, ultra chic throwback to 1960s design. While Arc Lounge is one of the more expensive restaurants around town, I got the impression they have "dumbed down" their menu and prices to coincide with Ottawa demand. I had read a review in the Ottawa Citizen written in 2001 that indicated the prices to be much higher than what is currently. Don't get me wrong - it is still on the expensive side, but now the tasting menus are no longer $90. Comparatively speaking, the dishes are superior to what many other restaurants may offer. But as far as effort is concerned, we got the sense it was rushed and somewhat lacking. We dined the day after Valentine's Day and felt there was still the vestiges of the rush from the day before. The server tried really hard, but he was just unpolished. I had the Land and Sea tasting menu which consisted of foie gras, seasonal greens, seared salmon and asian inspired beef, truffled brie with pear and a creme brulee. The foie gras was probably the best part of the meal and everything else just seemed very average. Again, there was that feeling of being rushed. My companion had Alberta beef which seemed average and unoriginal. It didn't taste bad, nor did it taste spectacular. Overall, it was a pleasant experience but not worth the price or the hype.
-- cwyc
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