Chez Le Thai
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Chez Le Thai

Neighborhood: Hull/GatineauPrice Range: Average
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39 rue Laval, Gatineau

Tel: (819) 770-7227


Thai resto in Hull sector along the section of Laval street where other restos are found



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Annie X

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Newbie (1.00)

worst experience ever
I read the reviews and was anxious to try the "best Pad Thai in town", until I had the worst dining experince ever - well, worst experience minus the dining part. I called to reserve a spot on the terrace for three adults and a baby, and I was told there's no room for a car seat. Then I asked if they have a table for 4, I was told they do but again, it will be "very tight", and if we were 5 minutes late we lose our table. Two of us were there first and we were brought to a cornor table that seats three, no room for the baby. We asked for a table for 4 (there were a few available) and the waiter told us we cannot seat there, as "we agreed on the phone it was going to be tight". To respond to our further request, he simply repeated "if you dont want to seat here I'LL PUT YOU INSIDE". When we mentioned we'll have to go somewhere else, he simply shrugged and put away our menus. Their food may be good (which I'll never know), but no food is good enough for them to treat customers like this. This is not just a matter of unaccommodating. This is simply ignorant.
-- Annie X
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Regular (32.70)

Visited on 2010-May-6
Enhanced Menu, Same Good Food
They have a revamped menu with some interesting new plates such as duck and salmon. We always go for the classics: Pad Thai Noodles; Red curry. The food, the service and the place itself are always enjoyable. They have a good, although limited, beer selection.
-- Maxime
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Great (186.43)

The food is mostly good, but compared to the other Thai options in Hull, these is my least favourite place. They provide an amuse bouche after you have ordered, and sometimes it is a tasty treat, and sometimes not so much - mostly laden with a peanut sauce. The Pad Thai portion is generous and tasty. I stick with that menu item when eating at this restaurant. I have had colleagues who have ordered other items that came with chicken, and afterwards felt ill. So I stick with the tofu or vegetarian option when work related events are taking place at this restaurant. It is always packed and busy in the restaurant. But like I said, the food is okay, but when compared to the other options, Chez Le Thai is not my first pick.
-- Apples
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Superb (420.10)

good pad thai noodles
stopped by this place recently for lunch - went with the pad thai noodles - no complaints.
-- food_critic
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