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Greenfield's is Back! Yay!
I used to visit this place when it was in it's hay days... I stopped going in because it really seemed to hit a slump and the owners and staff really didnt seem to give a sh*&....We heard it was under new ownership and they had spiced it up so I visited last Friday with my wife and her friend and husband and WOW the place looked great and that local pub atmosphere was definetly back and the place was packed...We were seated promptly and brought menu's right away it did take some time for the server to get our 1st drink order to us but it was very busy and the rest of our orders came to us fairly quickly as I believe more staff were brought in after we arrived?....We were very suprised with the menu....we were expecting the same old pub grup stuff but they have really tried to be unique...I had the london broil it was a spiced ground pork wrapped in a tender beef smothered in a demi glaze with rice and a salad the call a "Bundle Salad" yummm my wife tried thier Crepe of the Day-a cajun shrimp in creamy white wine sauce with peppers and mushrooms inside 3 thin crepes and she said it was delicous and it was the last thing she expected from there....the other two took it cautios and had a burger and she had a chicken ceaser wrap which they both said were very part is we ended up staying cause there was a band playing and the place was a real party and we closed the place...just like it used be...generally very pleased we have another solid option to eat locally nice to know there is a party at Greenfields again....will be back 4sure...
-- AVATAR (cps)
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