Mahogany Grill
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Mahogany Grill

Price Range: Expensive

Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Toronto International Airport, Terminal 3

Tel: 905-672-7000

Bar / Grill

This is the restaurant in the lobby of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at the Pearson Toronto International Airport, Terminal 3



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Great (167.40)

Visited on 2011-Oct-3
Food is OK
The Mahogany Grill is in the lobby of Terminal 3 at the Toronto Airport (Pearson). I found the food not inexpensive with mains ranging in price from high $20-$30. Considering that the food is not exceptional, you may be better off eating at one of the airport restaurants although to be fair their quality may be no better at these other restaurants. Outside the main Grill restaurant is the Mahogany Bar where you can have a drink and a meal. I had a salad and a chicken Panini sandwich for lunch. Both OK. For dinner, a colleague and I moved in to the slightly more formal Mahogany Grill. Our Top Sirloin was served slightly overdone but was not too bad nor was it something we will remember a few days from now. $30 for mediocre steak, in the comfort of the Sheraton Lobby with pretty good service - after a short flight. You be the judge. I might go back next time rather than wander around the terminal looking for another restaurant.
-- ag2007
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