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  Sachins posted by anonymous user  
  We had the lamb karai, chicken kurma, peshwari nan and a Sachins tandoori to start. The Sachins tandoori was out of this world and the main course was really tasty. The peshwari nan was totally amazin...  
  Sachins posted by anonymous user  
  I had read loads of fantastic reviews about this place so decided to give it a go. I really wish I hadn't bothered! I went with 2 friends and between us there wasn't one dish we enjoyed. We then had s...  
  Pani's Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  Don't bother eating anywhere else - this is the place for fresh food, beautifully cooked and dished up by the friendliest staff in town....  
  Pani's Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  The only place to go for coffee in Newcastle. I have been a regular customer for years and have never been disappointed with any aspect. The best bit after the coffee is the staff - everyone is friend...  
  Pani's Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  Wonderful, stylish, noisy cafe bar serving great, cheap, freshly prepared food. The only way you could get faster service would be to put the waiters on roller blades. Just great at any time of the da...  

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