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  Chez Choi posted by anonymous user  
  The serivce is very kind and friendly, and would even have a friendly chat with you. The food is absolutly delicious, my favorite dish is crispy duck. Recommened to everyone. I dont even know how many...  
  Yellow River Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  A very good restaurant, with excellent attention from the staff the moment you walk in the door. Drinks orders were taken as soon as you are settled at your table, and delivered shortly after. The mai...  
  Yellow River Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  From the moment we sat down at an outside table, the service was prompt and courteous - a refreshing change from the usual British service! The menu is one of the most appetising I have ever seen and ...  
  Yellow River Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  As you serve Ken Hom menus I would appreciate an email address or contact address for Mr.Hom please? He needs to know about the service that is provided by his representatives in the UK. ...  
  Yellow River Cafe posted by anonymous user  
  This is an outstanding Thai restaurant. The food is generally excellent and service professional and considerate. The setting is unique in The Gunwharf Quay area especially in the summer months when o...  

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